sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Blug Edition: The Top 5 Bugs of the Week

This satuday is the First Blug Edition, featuring Android Gaming with good old bugs in good old games!

1. Subway Surfers' 3D Mishap

Subway Surfers has been known for having 3D related bugs in the past, and this week they were not the exception. Wrapped under the Myster yBox is a Guitar Model trying to get free.

Most players wouldn't stand the suspense of not knowing what's in there.

2. Machinarium's Little Grammar Bug

We can all make mistakes in any game development process, even in Machinarium!

A tiny Grammar Mistake lies waiting in the File Saving page. Yes, I'd like to Overwite that please!

3. Fruit Ninja Button Attempt

Fruit Ninja developers seem to have slipped a little bit of code into what was supposed to be a button I guess...

At least we get a glimpse of that code.

4. Temple Run's Unfitting Mistake

The buttons are too big for this screen... Or is it the screen that's too small for these buttons.

Anyway, It seems that the Tweet, Store and More Coins buttons are not fitting on this screen!

5.  Fieldrunners Black Bug

Fieldrunners' studio has already started working towards this fix. Can't zoom in to place weapons without the complete screen going like this. Whatever this is.

Tested in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. More Blug Editions coming soon!

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